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Dexter Training Concepts (DTC) provides training sessions with the appropriate intensity to ensure a safe and effective workout, enabling you to achieve results while also making it enjoyable and exciting.

Our experience enables us to set achievable goals for you and select the appropriate exercises and rep ranges tailored to your body type. Additionally, we apply progressive resistance effectively to transform your body.

A stronger body boasts a faster metabolism, making your aspiration of a leaner, healthier self a tangible reality. Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation, visit our studio in person, and kickstart your journey to fitness today!

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dtc workout


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At DTC, Fit Happens!

Dexter Training Concepts (DTC) is a distinctive, state-of-the-art Personal Training Studio. Spanning over 6,000 sq. ft. and equipped with top-tier cardiovascular and strength training equipment, we proudly stand as the largest privately owned, family-operated personal training studio in New England, serving our community for 16 years.
Dexter Training Concepts is a one-of-a-kind personal training facility. Unlike traditional gyms, we don't sell memberships. Instead, we offer a private, non-intimidating atmosphere for clients of all types. With no waiting lines for equipment, we provide uninterrupted hour-long sessions, maximizing results for our clients.

We don’t promote gimmicks or fads. Instead, we take pride in our knowledge and our ability to educate everyone on how to attain health. We understand that what one person enjoys, another may not, and the same goes for dietary preferences.

If you don’t find the journey to a healthier lifestyle enjoyable, success becomes more challenging to achieve. That’s why we ensure that your journey is both fun and achievable, empowering you to live a stronger, healthier, and happier life.

Whether you're 16 or 82, an athlete or a homemaker, we tailor programs to each individual. Our programs are designed based on goals, body types, work schedules, and lifestyles, with the aim of making health enjoyable.

Dexter Training Concepts covers all aspects of fitness. We not only prescribe strength training programs but also provide cardiovascular guidelines and nutritional plans.

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